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About Us

Walk into Bavarian Motorcycle Workshop and you will find mechanics up to their elbows in BMW motorcycle repair and service. Nothing fancy, no fluff. We just offer the best quality service we know how to provide. We’ll leave the shiny nonsense to the big guys. You know who pays for those giant glass stores, abundant inventories, and fast- talking people.

Our little 1800 square foot building is big enough to allow us to accommodate your needs. Our convenient, near-downtown location is easy to access, only moments off I-15. We have the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment that is available to independent BMW motorcycle service centers, more special tools than many technicians would recognize, and all the other materials needed to assure your BMW is taken care of. We offer free Wi-Fi access for those of you who choose to wait while we service your BMW. But that is all just stuff. Anybody could buy it. What sets us apart is us. We are devoted to BMW motorcycles in ways outside of just making a living. We simply love the brand, what it stands for, and what it means to us as individuals who would rather go riding than do about anything else. There is no upper management or even middle management here. There is not even a Technician; just hard-working mechanics. We are proud of that.

We fluently speak airhead, Controlled Area Network, and all the BMW motorcycle languages in between. We applaud their strong points yet acknowledge their shortcomings. We offer ways to enhance the former and deal with the latter. It is all just part of the brand.

We think you will enjoy our special version of BMW Motorcycle repair and service. Call it the “No Bull” Schmidt way. We’ll tell you straight up what your BMW motorcycle needs. Not necessarily what BMW says, even though most often that is a good place to start, but what we have found to be best by learning over decades of experience working on them. Do you need to change the cam chain guides on your K1200LT every 36,000 miles like BMW says? Not unless you like to throw money away. Should you really never change the rear drive oil in your 2005 R1200GS like BMW suggested then? We said it was ridiculous in 2005, now BMW says to change it every 12,000 miles just like we said years ago.

We can take care of any need your BMW motorcycle may have. Scheduled maintenance that keeps your BMW warranty intact, crash repair, custom mods, and performance enhancements are our daily business.

We promote rider education. We have seen many BMW motorcycle organizations turn into dinner clubs and social groups. While that is vitally important, we believe that more emphasis should be placed on rider training that can help keep you alive. We plan to have fun activities such as picnics and guest speakers, but foremost on our agenda will be rider skill training. We hope you will come and join us as these activities are scheduled.

We do have delicious coffee brewing, usually some fresh fruit and snacks, and a place to sit and talk. Those are good reasons to visit. There might be some of your friends here already as well, an even better reason to come. The best reason to come, though, is for our BMW motorcycle repair expertise. We believe you will not find better anywhere.